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Stafford City Mayor, Cecil Willis, is announcing his candidacy for RE-ELECTION for the current Mayoral term. "Having known and worked with Mayor Scarcella for almost 40 years, I feel confident that I can continue the progress that has been made under his leadership and vision.”
Willis’ lifetime experiences:


  • Graduate of TEXAS A & M University

  • Worked for the City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department

  • Supervisor for a major Landscape/Maintenance Company

  • Served as Director Ft. Bend WCID #2

  • Executive Director of an HOA for 39 years

  • Stafford City Councilman

As a resident of Stafford since 1975, Willis has the understanding, experience, commitment, and dedication to doing the job for all of Stafford that the citizens want and deserve. Willis states “it has been an honor and privilege as well as a humbling experience to serve the citizens of Stafford”. Being a fiscal conservative, Willis will continue to monitor the funds of the City of Stafford. He will hold everyone accountable as to how the people’s money is spent and will say “NO” when needed. Councilman Willis is presently serving in several capacities in the community.

They include: 

  • Stafford’s representative to the Houston-Galveston Area Council

  • Alternate Representative for the Board of Directors and will continue to seek programs that will benefit Stafford.

  • Vice Chairman Fort Bend County Mayor/Council Association

  • Current Chairman of the Stafford Parks Committee

  • Stafford Centre Committee

  • Information technology and multi-media committee for the City of Stafford

  • Legislative Committee for the City of Stafford

  • Water Committee for the City of Stafford

  • Past President Stafford-Missouri City Lions and current board member

  • Past President Fort Bend County Fair and current board member

  • Board member and Past President of Fort Bend County A&M Club

  • Board member and Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the University of the West 

  • Numerous other community activities through the years include:

  • SMSD committees

  • Past President Texas Association of Fairs and Events

  • Fort Bend County citizens advisory committees

  • These principles and beliefs have guided Willis through his years as a councilman and will continue to lead him in the mayoral position:

  • NO city property tax

  • Strong, sound fiscal policy

  • Improved mobility and drainage

  • Continued excellence in police and fire services

  • Enhanced parks and green space

  • Promoting Quality development

  • Making SMSD a premier school district for “Stafford residents”

  • Stafford’s true strength lies within its citizens and their diversity.


Let us start with the smooth transition of my administration after the passing of Mayor LeonardScarcella.

  • I was able to fill a number of vital positions within the City. This administration has focused on rebuilding our city fund balance. The budget, I inherited, projected a $154,408.00 fund balance. The audited numbers reflect a $4.3 million fund balance for the 2021 fiscal year. The 2022 audited numbers for the fiscal year reflect a $7.6 million fund balance. In my humble opinion, we still have some work to do get where we need to be.

You might ask, how was this all accomplished:

1) This administration implemented new purchasing procedures and purchase order policies were refined:

2) A new investment policy and the first every fund balance policy were put in place;

3) I prepared and presented 2 balanced budgets to council;

4) Filled vacant department head positions with extremely professional and experienced individuals;

5) I have been working with Missouri City on improving 2 drainage channels and with Fort Bend County on improving flow in all our channels;

6) Currently, we are coordinating with TXDOT on landscaping replacements on 90A and US 59;

7) I continually work with SMSD on opportunities to elevate academics;

8) I continue to work with our partners at HCC for opportunities, not only to improve the SMETV component, but all educational opportunities with the City and SMSD.

Currently, all parties are extremely interested in pursuing that endeavor.

Stafford's many accomplishments would not have been

possible without the citizens’ support. Through the years, he has had

support from numerous friends and community members. You can rest assured his beliefs will guide him in decision-making that will benefit all of Stafford. The only agenda he will have is “what is best for all of Stafford”. He asks for your continued support so that we can work together for the Stafford we believe in and love.


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